Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nearly There

It feels like our saga is coming near to a close. The back stairs were finished today. It just needs a dress-up along the edge, but that will probably be next week. The landscapers were working away on
getting the yard raked out and sculpted. The plumbing and electrical inspections went well, and the final occupancy was given a "conditional" approval. At least that means we can move our stuff
in... Samuel and I spent the evening cleaning out the garage, and Stephanie spent the entire day shuttling things from our current domicile. Looks like we'll be moving forward on getting the yard in
over the next week, and finish off the things necessary to get our final occupancy permit.


Anonymous said...

totally need finished photos with you all moved in! Please!

At Odds with Living said...

What's happening? Want to see photos of finished house and you living in your dream house. Please?