Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Good Couple o' Days

While the boys and I were out on a Father and Son campout, much good was done at the home. We're now down to the final little plumbing jobs, and the electricians are just waiting on the remainder of the fixtures. The shower rods were placed (all but one). Our cleaner worked hard, and got the upper floor totally done, and will began the windows on the main floor today. Our A/V guy came last night and got some of the family room speakers hooked up, Monday will be the show night. The driveway was poured in full yesterday, and is hardening up today/tomorrow before we take anything on it. The landscapers were hard at work today getting the back of the house leveled out. Our stucco guy got most of the NE exposure of the foundation and retaining walls covered. Our cultured marble guy got the soap dishes placed. Yesterday and today the finish carpenter got all the doors and hardware installed. Now it's just the deck stairs that need to be placed. Looking around the top floor today you would have wondered why were not moved in yet... ah well, not too long now!

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Jillicious said...

its coming to life! i love the color of the carpet runner on the stairs!